The Azumas have Bloomed! The Azumas have Bloomed!

The Azumas have Bloomed!

By Nat Raedwulf

The Azumas have Bloomed! The Azumas have Bloomed!

Hello Friends

a fresh batch of Azuma bags have just arrived at Wolf & Faun hot off the sewing machine.  Destanne of Moss Grey has been killing it! After the first round of limited edition Floral Print Azuma bags sold in mere minutes, I had a lot of you asking if there would be any more. We hadn't realized they be so popular! I asked Destanne if she could make me another round with the last of her floral linen before it was gone for good and she delivered! I have just restocked Wolf & Faun with a small number of Floral Print Azumas in both large and small. There may be one more small batch coming but numbers are definitely tight and no promises about if or when that might occur.

Pink Blush Azuma at Wolf & Faun

 I have also just added some new Blush Pink Azumas for Spring. There is just something about this bright soft pink that instantly lifts my spirits and I know it will lift yours too! In addition to these two exciting releases, we've re-stocked most of the other colours and sizes. I've never seen such a great selection. If you've been waiting for a special Azuma, now is the time to snag one perfect for you! Find them all here.

Happy Knitting! 


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