Shop Update! Shop Update!

Shop Update!

By Nat Raedwulf

Shop Update! Shop Update!


Hello Friends

I have something very exciting to share with you...  I've just finished uploading the the biggest single shop update at Wolf & Faun we've ever seen and will probably see in a long time. We've got some new products to share with you, some re-stocks of some of our most popular sellers and some new versions of some old friends. 

This past week has been nothing short of AMAZING. Not only did I attend the 100 Mile Fleece Fair for the first time and meet a lot of new friends (some of whom are now reading this newsletter!) but I also met a lot of awesome local talent for possible future Wolf & Faun products. The biggest gift of the weekend however was having such amazing feedback and encouragement from so many of you who are following along and loving what Wolf & Faun has to offer. 

So without further ado let me share with you what's new at Wolf & Faun!

Summer Blessings to you all! 
Wolf & Faun Knits 


What's New in at Wolf & Faun


We've had a new shipment of Lykke come in and have been fully re-stocked on Interchangeable Needle Sets and most of the fixed circulars we carry. We are also now one of the FIRST to stock Lykke single interchangeable cords in 5 lengths so you can customize your set with your favourite go-to cord lengths.  


I have been searching for the perfect hand and body balms for makers. Something that would help heal and care for tired weary hard working hands and skin. I wanted something that was effective, and healing yet natural and subscribing to Wolf & Faun's philosophy of local, natural and small-batch production. The search is over! Introducing Wild Hill Botanical's Body Balm for moisturizing skin and Remedy Salve for healing tired and achey bodies. I always have a tin of it in my project bag to keep my hands happy after a day of creating. Both are made of the highest quality, organic, wild ingredients on Vancouver Island and you will not be disappointed. With ingredients like Wild Nootka Roses and Palo Santo Essential Oil, how could you resist treating yourself to some much deserved self-care and self-love with these amazing products?


Other New and Re-stocked Offerings

  • Bonsai Scissors: Perfect for those of us who love to move between our fibre arts studio and the garden. 
  •  Handmade Yew Tree Buttons: Ethically harvested Yew, hand polished with a beeswax finish. Read about why many all over the world regard the Yew as a powerful and magical tree and why it makes such a stunning piece for your garment.
  • Lunar Needle Gauge Rulers: New and improved! After a long wait, they are back! Now with the full lunar phases on them, these birch rulers are stunning, portable and useful. A knitting tool must have! 
  • Eco-Dyed Silk Bags: Gorgeous little silk bags. The last shipment sold out in a flash but they are back! Each stunning in it's own way. Perfect to hold your most precious delicate treasures. 
  • Eco-Dyed Cotton Tote Bags: Moon bags and Mixed Bags have been re-stocked! 



Summer Blessings! 
Wolf & Faun Knits






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