Full Moon Musings: Time to Make it Grow! Full Moon Musings: Time to Make it Grow!

Full Moon Musings: Time to Make it Grow!

By Nat Raedwulf

Full Moon Musings: Time to Make it Grow! Full Moon Musings: Time to Make it Grow!
Full Moon Musings - Full Moon in Capricorn Wolf & Faun


Merry Full Moon in Capricorn!

This is one of my favourite Full Moons of the year… and not just because I am a Capricorn.  This Full Moon coincides with the Summer Solstice and marks the half-way point between what we have accomplished since last Solstice, and also a look ahead at where we are going for the rest of the Sun cycle. Capricorn is all about manifesting your goals through hard work, dedication, commitment and discipline, so it is an apt energy to be reflecting on what you’ve achieved and where you would like to go next for the rest of the year. It is a moon that amplifies whatever actions or activities you set your mind to and intentionally focus on during this time. Wherever you direct your energy during this moon, you will see it grow and amplify the remainder of the year.

This morning at dawn I asked what message should come through concerning how to use this moon in the context of our creativity and I pulled the Queen of Wands.

She’s a Queen of Vitality, Creativity personified. She’s energized and in action, and overflowing with imagination, ingenuity, vision and talent. Surrounded by summer bounty she is about harvesting what you have set out to manifest.

Full Moon Musings: Full Moon in Capricorn Wolf & Faun Knits

Now is the time for action. Now is the time to follow your creative pulls and do something with them. No holding back, no more planning out or waiting for the right moment. Now is the right time. Now is the moment. You have all the resources you will ever need. They are at a climax… gathered from all your hard work and preparations.

Feeling stuck? Get outside. Get into nature. Surround yourself with all those living things already in action… already coming into their creative apex. Use that energy to inspire you, motivate you, influence you. Pay attention to those thoughts of action… those intuitive pulls to start or work through a project that you’ve unconsciously already laid the groundwork for. You’ve got something fantastic waiting to come forward. Don’t hold back, be brave and create!

Merry Full Moon! What big projects are you working on?

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