An Intro to the Clary Sage Shawl by Nat Raedwulf, Wolf & Faun Knits An Intro to the Clary Sage Shawl by Nat Raedwulf, Wolf & Faun Knits

An Intro to the Clary Sage Shawl by Nat Raedwulf, Wolf & Faun Knits

By Nat Raedwulf

An Intro to the Clary Sage Shawl by Nat Raedwulf, Wolf & Faun Knits An Intro to the Clary Sage Shawl by Nat Raedwulf, Wolf & Faun Knits

Clary Sage Shawl Knit Pattern by Nat Raedwulf Wolf & Faun Knits

Clary Sage Knit Shawl was inspired by two things I love; the Clary Sage Flowers blooming in my garden and my friend Angela who was a great source of comfort during the summer in which the shawl was conceived. Angela, like myself is a bit of a hedgewitch (or a lot of a hedgewitch) and has the same relationship to plants and the rhythms of life that I do. I wanted to make a gift for her in honour of all her time and energy she has put into supporting me and being there in rough moments, a tribute to her friendship as well as a way of giving back something comforting as she had done for me.  Both Angela and the Clary Sage flowers in my garden always were able to make me happy and bring me peace in moments of difficulty or stress. Coincidentally, Clary Sage as an essential oil is traditionally used to bring on uplifted feelings when inhaled, and decreases stress, anxiety and anger. Have you ever smelled a patch of blooming Clary Sage flowers? I think it's absolutely my most favourite scent in the entire world and my most favourite garden herb. In lore, it is a woman’s plant, associated with the moon and used in love and protection charms.

clary sage flower in Nat Raedwulf's garden

Clary Sage's colours were inspired from looking at the Clary Sage flowers in my garden fade from an exquisite cream to light purple to a dark purple rimmed border. This crescent shaped shawl is worked top down with a classic Victorian lace edge border knitted on. It’s fun to wear either as a shawl draped over the shoulders or as a scarf around the neck. It is also fun to knit with a bit of stripes, a bit of lace and a bit of texture. The 3 color combinations make for limitless possibilities. Choose muted tones for an elegant look or bright contrasting colours for a bold statement. Check out some of the variations my testers made to see what I mean! 

Clary Sage Shawl Pattern by Wolf & Faun Knits
I just love how Brigit's shawl turns the whole style around with bold contrasting colours and that pop of chartreuse!

Clary Sage Shawl by Wolf & Faun Knits

I love how Lori's Shawl uses muted complimentary colours, creating such a stunning piece. Yarn was acquired from Jeannie at Moonshine Fibers on Etsy, who also custom dyed the colours for the original Clary Sage Shawl. If you are interested in having your own custom colours created for this (or other) shawl or if you would like her to recreate these colours, Jeannie would be happy to! 






The Clary Sage KAL - May 8th to June 4th 2017

Wolf & Faun Knits will be hosting our first ever KAL for the Clary Sage Shawl Participants of the KAL will receive a special KAL discount to purchase Clary Sage as well as the chance to win prizes from Wolf & Faun as well as other generous sponsors. 


When: May 8th to June 4th (four weeks in total) 
Where: On Instagram using the hashtag #clarysageKAL & on the Facebook group The Knitting Studio found here. 
Who: You! The more the merrier! 
What: You will require 3 colours of fingering weight yarn in the following amounts: 
Colour A: 348 meters / 380 yards, Colour B: 220 meters / 240 yards, Colour C: 380 meters /415 yards. 
Why: Cause this is a fun knit! with a lot of potential to make so many variations using colour combinations. You also have the chance to win some prizes for participating (you don't need to complete the KAL, just participate!) Wolf & Faun Knitters are FUN KIND, SUPPORTIVE and EXCITING people to knit with, so join in and meet some new friends! You also will receive a discount code for 50% off Clary Sage's regular price  until the start of the KAL (the discount code will be distributed in The Knitting Studio FB group as well as through the Wolf & Faun Knits Newsletter so make sure you either join the group or sign up! 

For more information on the Clary Sage Pattern, you can find it on the Wolf & Faun Pattern Page Here or on Ravelry 

Thank you to my lovely model Erin J (another tried and true friend who also is due some knitting!) and Ron Pogue Photography for the photos. Brilliant as usual (and I'm not just saying that cause we makes out). 


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