Dive In and Hold Back: Musings on the Full Moon Eclipse for Feb. 10th 2017 Dive In and Hold Back: Musings on the Full Moon Eclipse for Feb. 10th 2017

Dive In and Hold Back: Musings on the Full Moon Eclipse for Feb. 10th 2017

By Nat Raedwulf

Dive In and Hold Back: Musings on the Full Moon Eclipse for Feb. 10th 2017 Dive In and Hold Back: Musings on the Full Moon Eclipse for Feb. 10th 2017


As those who follow me know, I like to pull a card from one of my decks on the Full Moon / New Moon for inspiration and insight and after getting such a great reception last time on the New Moon, I've decided to share those musings with you on the blog as they happen. I like to think that while these readings are personal, that they are also meant to be shared and the messages that come through apply to others who also need to hear what has to be said... a general forecast for the energy ahead if you will for anyone feeling pulled. So if you're feeling called to read this... this reading may very well be for you as much as it was for me.  I also find the dialogue and connection that seems to come out of each reading hugely rewarding and a large part of why I share these readings to begin with... so please by all means comment below! 

This Full Moon is a special one because it coincides with one of two powerful lunar eclipses that take place this year (the next one is in the late Summer / early Fall). Eclipses are funny things. I get excited but also really freaking nervous for them. I've had some wonderfully profound eclipses, and I've had some very difficult ones... but they always come with lessons and growth. Eclipses are like doorways. They close and open events, emotions, opportunities and lessons. Sometimes you don't know what's on the other side of the door until you open it. Often I'll experience one lunar eclipse unleashing a lesson that requires rather intense energy, only to have it conclude 6 months later with the following eclipse.  

Eclipse Photo by Ron Pogue Photography

Lunar Eclipse by Ron Pogue Photography

This week I felt called to pull from my The Wild Unknown Spirit Animal deck and for reasons I can't credit to anything but intuition I picked two cards... or rather I picked one and the other fell out and I didn't like it so I put it back and re-shuffled and the same card fell out again so I decided I was being told something here. 

The first card was the Dolphin card. Dolphins are all about fun, intuition and creativity. They are about playful bold friendly exploration and really honouring your creative life and what calls to you. They can also be about multi-tasking but in a positive, self care sort of way. Dolphins are amazing creatures with amazing brains. They actually sleep while swimming  and keeping one eye out for predators. Half their brain rests while the other makes sure the body stays safe, and breathing. 

The second card I pulled was the Crocodile. I know right? Kinda the exact opposite of the previous fun loving friendly water creature. But that's cool. I have mad respect for the crocodile and have noticed it likes to make its appearance more often then not in my personal readings (even if I do shuffle it back into the deck). Crocodiles are masters of waiting,  for going unnoticed and not drawing attention to themselves... and for striking at when the exact moment is right. Crocodiles are an ancient creature. They witnessed the dinosaurs come and go and haven't changed too much from an evolutionary standpoint for millions of years. They really are a symbol of long standing, tried and true enduring success. 


So these two cards together? They seem a bit opposite but they compliment each other beautifully. Paradoxes usually have important things to say. They are also both animals associated with the water. Water is your emotional life. Your instincts and your intuitions. It is the aspect of your life that deals with what you're feeling and your emotional health. That is what needs our attention at this time.  Full Moons are about energy reaching their critical mass, their climax. Sometimes their conclusion. Eclipses are about kicking doors open and sometimes slamming them shut. There's going to be a lot of intense energy for people. A lot of anxiety, hope, excitement, wanting, wishing, enthusiasm, and sometimes panic about what's happening and what to do next. It's going to seem at times as though there is too much going on, too much to choose from, too many things wanting to pull you in too many directions, or even crisis. With that in mind... 

It's important to follow your creative pulls. It's important to honour your playfulness, your curiosity, your drive to try new things. It's important to have that balance in meeting your basic needs while also having an active creative life running alongside it. Be proactive. You're legitimately potent and have the ability to affect great change and good with your talents and abilities. It's important to NOT sit still but to be friendly and outgoing and brave. Put yourself out there. Especially in today's current wold social and political climate it's easy to feel powerless, and overwhelmed. Hopeless, useless, anonymous. You're none of these things. 

But it's also important to not jump at every opportunity. Wait for YOUR opportunity. It's important to check in with yourself, with the situation, with everything moving all around you and see what direction you want to travel. What do you want to aim for and achieve? Sometimes there are a lot of directions to travel (remember the Page of Swords from last week?) and it's important to consider them... let your curiosity be open to the possibilities... but don't launch all your time, energy, or resources at the first thing that you cross paths with either.  You're in this for the long haul. Your creative life and projects are not something you visit temporarily, and burn up all your resources and energy in the process. This is something you are sticking with and going to be doing for a long time... and you have the time to find the right opportunity, the right niche for you... and not every choice that presents itself is the right one for you. 

That's the biggest message coming forward at this time. Yes to creative exploration and expression. Yes to mindful action. Yes to mindful observation. Yes to mindful pause. Yes to mindful and full force motion when it's just. the. right. time. And only the right time because when it feels so right you know it is. 

Moving ahead energy may seem a bit scattered. There's a lot going on and a lot you could get involved in. Don't let this overwhelm you. Stay focused on what's important to you, what calls to you. Know that is where you will create the biggest difference, and see the most positive return... where you will feel the most satisfied. 

Right before a lunar eclipse is the time to really set your intentions and start new collaborations begin new projects so that your positive intentions and energy being directed can be swept into the current of the eclipse's magnitude. I'm more than just a little excited to see what we could collectively come up with if we directed our energy in this way. 

What new projects are you working on? What are your intentions? Where would you like to direct more of your time and energy? 

Do you have an special lunar eclipse rituals? Any special intentions?  If so, what? Share them in the comments below. 


  • Hi Barry! Thank you for reading my post and sharing your connection to it with me :) I’m feeling much better thank you. Now to just catch up on a million knitting projects ;)

    I would be honoured to do a birthday reading for you! My daughter’s birthday is in June too… I have a special place in my heart for Cancers (my partner) and Geminis! (my daughter)

    Nat on

  • So very glad I stopped to read this Nat. This has been an incredible week for me, and so much of this reading I can totally relate to. There is so much excitement and stimulation, and today, I actually felt the exhaustion creeping in. I felt as though I were ‘biding my time,’ and something inside me ‘clicked.’ I have taken to keeping a journal this year [something I used to do emphatically] to try and make sense of all of the ideas that sometimes feel and read like to messy jumble. Thank you for helping to clarify things for me. I love these readings. I think I will get you to do one for me on my birth day. [June] Hope the family is recuperating from your recent malaise.

    Barry on

  • Thank you for your kind words Lucilia! I always love to connect with other intuitives and knitters, and when someone is both of those things it’s a double bonus! Thanks for reaching out ~ Nat

    Nat on

  • I love your patterns. Even more so now that I found out you are an intuitive person too. I’ve been seeing some of your work, they are beautiful. Love the card readings too. I work with crystals and dragons. :) And also a knitter.

    Lucilia on

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