Full Moon Musings: Come to the Root of Yourself Full Moon Musings: Come to the Root of Yourself

Full Moon Musings: Come to the Root of Yourself

By Nat Raedwulf

Full Moon Musings: Come to the Root of Yourself Full Moon Musings: Come to the Root of Yourself


I missed the last New Moon card reading because… well funny story… I pulled a card that suggested I needed rest, reflection and some time away from the grind and I took that advice, stopped working on everything and took a break. Ha! So sorry to miss the last New Moon but well… it was still very much celebrated.

This weekend I am spending at the Pieces Back to the Fibre Symposium. Saturday was a great day of teaching, meeting people and presenting and I feel so jazzed! Today (Sunday) is Day Two and I can hardly wait. Spending the week getting ready for a full on weekend of workshops, presentations and vending has caused a lot of reflection. This being the first full on weekend I’ve devoted to Wolf & Faun since baby was born last year made me realize just how much blood, sweat and tears can go into a business, and how much sacrifice I sometimes ask of my family in order for my dreams to be successful.

For this Full Moon reading I pulled the 6 of Cups from The Wild Unknown Tarot deck. When I pulled this card, I was instantly reminded of a poem by Rumi, which reads; Seek the antidote in the venom and come to the root of the root of yourself. 

Sometimes we need to pause and reflect about where we’re going, where we came from and if it’s what we want to be doing. Sometimes we need to adjust our course. Sometimes we need to stop. We need roots. Deep roots to survive if we’re going to keep doing what we love in a corporate world where the odds are rather stacked against you. Sometimes feeling worn out, exhausted, over-worked is a great time to stop and reflect on WHY. Why am I feeling this way? Am I feeling this way because I just did something awesome? Or am I feeling this way for reasons less than awesome? What is at the root of how I’m feeling? Do I have the support and grounding I need underneath it all to be strong and hold up to the weather I encounter?

I took the  photo for this reading on my bathroom counter last night, while in between working on a upcoming project (can’t wait to share it with you), giving my son a bath and trying to spend a few moments eating dinner with my love. I have been exhausted because I’ve been preparing for this Fibre Symposium for weeks, while also getting my business off the ground, while also trying to meet some design deadlines, while also trying to be a mom. I have been exhausted because I spent all day talking to, meeting, and collaborating with some awesome makers and designers and First Nation’s Elders. I’m exhausted because life is fucking awesome! I’m exhausted because I’m doing what I love and I have an amazing family and supportive network of friends and community.  I won't be exhausted for long however but why I am exhausted now is worth it to be. My roots go deep into what I want to be doing and the medicine is sweet. Life is grand.

What is at the root of why you do what you do and is it your medicine? Why or why not? Merry Full Moon! 


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