Moss Grey at Wolf & Faun Moss Grey at Wolf & Faun

Moss Grey at Wolf & Faun

By Nat Raedwulf

Moss Grey at Wolf & Faun Moss Grey at Wolf & Faun

Moss Grey Azuma
I'm really excited to be able to share a new offering at Wolf & Faun. It's been in the works for awhile now and it's finally come to fruition. Wolf & Faun now offers the Azuma bag. Based on traditional Japanese design, the Azuma is a versatile, classic bag with countless applications. I love them as a project bag or to store and organize my stashed yarn. I also use them to hold my produce at the farmer's market, for laundry, hold my lunch, for baby supplies and to organize my beach basket. 

As a project bag, they are brilliant because they tie up into these small compact packets that tuck neatly into your purse or tote but unfold to create a sweet little sturdy basket perfect for holding your yarn cakes. Can I say again how much I love using them to store my stash? Future projects are neatly organized into each Azuma or sometimes I use the larger sizes to store by weight. In a small house like mine with many little hands present, this keeps them out of the way, organized and protected from stains and spills. 

Moss Grey Azuma Bags
But as excited as I am about these new Azuma bags from Moss Grey, what I really want to talk about is the maker behind it, because without her, there is no Azuma, and I'm really excited about what she's doing and what she has to offer. Early on in my journey of gathering quality products for makers by makers, I stumbled upon Moss Grey clothing company in a sweet little local shop. Instantly I was drawn to the beauty and classic appeal of her simple timeless linen garments. When I started thinking about finding someone to make some project bags and notion pouches, Moss Grey kept crossing my path until I finally decided it was time to track this maker down and find out more about her. 

And boy am I glad I did. 


Destanne of Moss Grey


Destanne Lundquist of Moss Grey coincidentally lives in the same tiny Village of Cumberland that I do. She actually only lives about 2 blocks from my house (you'd be surprised how many Wolf & Faun makers live blocks from my house). She invited me over to her studio to discuss what it was I had in mind, and she's become a dear dear friend ever since. We've spent countless hours in her studio celebrating (and sometimes commiserating) what it means to be small business owners, creating and operating out of our little homes in our tiny Village. 

Destanne loves linen. And by love I mean she really loves linen. She's very passionate about it and it is reflected in her garment and home accessory lines. In addition to a few other projects (still in the works) I asked her if she could perhaps create one of my most favourite styles of bags, the traditional azuma (or commonly referred to as bento) bag. She started designing and soon enough, she had a variety of sizes and colours to choose from. She truly is a seamstress Goddess. While visiting her studio during production I noticed she also was creating these marvelous linen buckets. I was attracted to their clean lines, simple shape and unique neutral minimalsistic aesthetic. Instantly I pictured them filled with knitting projects and skeins of wool, so of course I had to ask for some of those too. It's really hard not to keep them all to myself. Imagine a whole wall of your stash displayed in these linen buckets? 

Moss Grey Textile Buckets at Wolf & Faun

I love Destanne's work. Its clean, simple, elegant. It harkens back to traditional shapes and styles while also adding modern colour and fabric options. She uses materials and production methods that guarantee longevity and timelessness. I may have a few items from her clothing lines in my closet. I'm so excited to have found this partnership and so very grateful to be able to offer a sneak peak at her amazing talent to the world through Wolf & Faun. If you're interested in slow fashion, traditional design, handmade classic, timeless pieces, for your home or wardrobe... consider exploring what Moss Grey has to offer you. 

You can find her Moss Grey Azuma Bags Here and her Moss Grey Linen Buckets here. 

You can find Moss Grey on Instagram Here

I will leave you with Destanne's explanation of "Why Linen?". 

Why linen?

It's healthy.

Linen is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, wicks moisture away from the body and resists stains. Linen is effective in dealing with inflammatory conditions, reducing fever, and common skin conditions such eczema. Linen also assists in a more restful night's sleep due in part to it's cellular structure which is nearly identical to that of ours. This similarity creates a soothing harmonic resonance.

It's practical.

Flax in Latin is 'being most useful'. Humans have been using linen for at least 8000 years. Silica present in the flax fibre protects linen against rotting. Linen is the strongest natural fibre in the world - twice the strength of cotton and three times that of wool.

It's adaptable.

Linen feels wonderfully cool in warm temperatures yet keeps one warm in cooler temperatures because of it's insulating properties. Heat conductivity is 5 times higher than wool and 19 times that of silk.


It's intelligent.

Flax does not require intensive agricultural practices such as irrigation and the use of pesticides. The processing of flax into linen requires no harsh chemicals unlike other 'natural' fabrics and as a textile is completely compostable. Linen is the only fabric safe enough to be left in the body after surgery because our body does not reject it, instead it our body can absorb the flax cell as if it were our own.

It's beautiful.

Linen ages with grace as it becomes softer and more supple with use and washing. It possesses a natural lustre and texture that is easy on the eyes and soothing on the skin.

Linen is Magic.


I told you she really loves linen. 

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