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Special Edition Stitch Marker Clips

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Every so often I stumble upon some interesting beads or charms that I think would make a sweet stitch marker clip. These are often one-of-a-kind or in very limited numbers and probably never to be re-stocked again. I will always try to find more but it's not always possible. Please Note: The Bronze-Finish Moons will be available indefinitely. 

Mykonos Goddess -  The Fibre arts have always been inextricably tied to her-story and ultimately women's experiences the world over and how we have expressed ourselves.. That is why when I found these Patina Goddess Charms handmade on the island of Mykonos I knew they were destined to become magical knitting tools to remind one of the sacredness and connection to our ancestors and the each other through our art. 

The Dark Moon Goddess embodies everything the Mykonos Goddess does but is also is a tribute to the New Moon, or Dark Moon. New Moons represent new beginnings, shadow times, introspection, rest and the quiet before new creativity and phases begin. Dark Moon Goddess is a tribute to that which remains hidden, and the quiet within ourselves that is needed to bring forth our creativity.

Yew are a sacred and magical tree, steeped in mythology and legends in all of the cultures Yew Trees are found in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. This is an ancient slow growing tree that results in a tight grained gorgeous hard wood. The oldest living Yew trees known to exist are estimated to be 4000 years old and the yew tree itself has been found to have existed since the Jurassic era. It's no wonder that to the Celts, the Yew tree was a tree of death and re-birth as it seemed to possess an immortality that transcended life and death.Yew is also poisonous (further connecting it to death) and weapons were often tipped with yew poison for battle. It is said that carrying yew wood on you protects you from evil while also increasing your connection and communication to the ancestors and dreamworld.

Each Yew pendant was ethically harvested, and handmade on Vancouver Island. Please note, due to its toxic nature, Yew products should not be permitted where children may put them in their mouth. 

Hazel is one of the Sacred Celtic Trees of the Ogham. It is associated as the Tree of Wisdom and Knowledge and is a source of inspiration and intuition for artists (of all types), scientists, prophets and those who require a strike of creativity. It is one of the trees said to grow on the borders between the worlds where magical things may happen. Carrying Hazel wood on you also acts as a protective charm against evil and those who mean you unwell. 

Moons are often symbolic of the rhythms of nature and the ebb and flow of life. A traditionally very feminine symbol, the moon is often also associated with the goddess and of feminine energy. Crescent moons are particularly symbolic of new beginnings and seeing your goals and dreams manifesting into reality.

Feathers often symbolize connection to spirit, and spiritual evolution. It can also be associated with air signs, the creator and higher knowledge. Peacock feathers, in addition to feather symbolism specifically are associated with integrity, beauty and self-confidence.

Antlers are often a reference to deer or stag. In many legends they are often the guides between the veils, leading one on psychic journeys. To see a white stag is to know something profound is 761699 to take place as it is a messenger from the otherworld. In many First Nation's mythologies, the deer is a messenger from creator and a symbol of gentleness and intuition. People who carry deer medicine with them are said to be kind, gentle, empathetic, intuitively powerful and persistent. 

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol. Different cultures and mythologies the world over speak of a great world tree, or tree of life that is the living connection between heaven, our world, and the underworld as well as the centre or source of all life. As a symbol, it represents one's connection to the earth through it's roots and connection to the sky and the heavens through it's branches. It represents connection to ancestors as well as new growth and new beginnings. It is a symbol of strength and life.

Each stitch marker clip comes with 10 brass finish removable stitch markers (fits up to 6.5 mm knitting needles). Clipped to your project bag, notions pouch, purse, key chain or bag, you'll never be without a marker when you need one. 

Please note: All of these items are made from natural material that changes over time and ages beautifully. Expect the metal to change, fade and patina with use. 

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