Handmade Stitch Markers


Handmade stitch markers for knitting or other fibre arts, sourced from small batches of charms and unique beads. Each listing is for one stitch marker each. Mix and match to create your own unique magical set. Stitch markers are made in small batches and it is uncertain if or when they will be re-made. Please check back frequently for new styles and designs. 

Stitch Markers are soldered to prevent catching or snagging of the yarn on the rings. Stitch markers can be used on needles 6.5 mm / US 10.5 or smaller.  

Mykonos Beads are specifically from the Greek Island of which is famous for their traditional pewter beads. 

Symbolic Meanings:

Acorns: As the seed of the Oak tree, Acorns are symbolic of strength and potential. Oak is a sacred tree of the Celts and was associated with protection, inner strength, heart healing and the power to rebuild and move forward from great challenges. 

 often symbolize a connection to spirit and spiritual evolution. It can also be associated with air signs, the creator and higher knowledge. Peacock feathers, in addition to feather symbolism specifically are associated with integrity, beauty, and self-confidence.

Goddess: The Fibre arts have always been inextricably tied to her-story and ultimately women's experiences the world over and how we have expressed ourselves.. the goddess symbol reminds one of the sacredness and connection to our ancestors, nature, and to each other and that our art is a manifestation of that connection. 

GoldfishSymbols of wealth, abundance and good luck!

Mermaids are often associated with traveling beyond the boundaries of what we know our reality to be. They are a divine feminine symbol and are associated with beauty, seduction, femininity, sensuality, depths and the mysterious. 

Owls are often associated with wisdom and women's magic as they are creatures of the night and of the moon. Owls possess the magic of seeing through the darkness and seeing what others cannot. This can make people fearful of the owl as it can see you for what you are. They are often associated with transition and shifts, often coming to guide souls onto their next journey after death. Owls have long been associated as the companions of wise women including the goddess Athena. 

Pine Cones: Loved all over the world for being an evergreen through the harshest winters, the Pine is often regarded as a symbol of longevity, solitude, strength, and purity. It is said to protect from evil spirits and promote long life, one of the reasons why it was brought in every year as the Yule tree (now commonly regarded as the Christmas Tree) during the darkest part of the year. It promised life to go on through the darkness. 

Roses: Considered one of the most magical plants, the Rose has captured many hearts in all the world over. Its sweetness and softness is a heart healer while it's thorns teach strong and firm boundaries. Those who identify with Roses have soft sweet hearts while also invoking strong personal boundaries so not to have their hearts trampled upon. 

 Many cultures associate shells with peace and emotions. In early Christian art, sea shells represented pilgrims. Those on a pilgrimage would attach a sea shell to their clothing to signal to others they were on a sacred journey. It was thought to keep the pilgrims safe from robbers and other dangers while on the road. 

Snake: A symbol widely known throughout the world, the snake often represents transmutation and shedding one's skin to become anew. In Christian art, the snake was the symbol of the virtue Prudencia, or 'self-knowledge'. 

The Spiral: Often seen as a snail or ammonite shell, the spiral is an ancient symbol found in nature and in human creation. It is associated with the cycles of life, creation in the chaos and stability through movement. 

 Teacher and loyalty to family are the traits of the wolf. Often associated with women, specifically wild women, and the moon. 

Please note: These are made from natural material that changes over time and ages beautifully. Expect the metal to change, fade and patina with use.