Hammered Fiddlehead Stitch Markers


Inspired by the fiddlehead ferns prolific in the rainforests of our island, these stunning hand hammered removable stitch markers come in either a bronze or gunmetal finish. I love to use them to help count rows or as markers when knitting. They are also useful for crochet and can be attached to our Wolf & Faun Stitch Marker Clips.  For use on needles up to 8mm / US Size 11. 

They are sold by sets of 4 in a small brown envelope for keeping. 

Please note, this is a handmade item. No two are exactly alike and the metal will change overtime. It ages beautifully. Please expect it to patina, and the lustre to change. 

About this Maker: 
Fire and Hammer Forge works is an artisan "maker of things all banged and sharp", specializing in forging up-cycled and recycled materials into useful artisan objects for everyday life. James and his family are based in the Comox Valley. Please find him here on Instagram.