Hand Hammered Stitch Holders & Shawl Pins

Handmade in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, these hand hammered copper and aluminum stitch holders are exquisite enough to double as a shawl pin (particularly the smaller size). Due to the thickness of the metal, I would suggest using for dk weight or heavier yarn. 

Two sizes are available:
Small 9 cm / 3.5 inches 
Large 12.5 cm / 5 inches

Please note, this is a handmade item made. No two are exactly alike and it will age beautifully. Please expect it to patina, and the lustre to change over time. 

About this Maker: 
Fire and Hammer Forge works is an artisan "maker of things all banged and sharp", specializing in forging upcycled and recycled materials into useful artisan objects for everyday life. James and his family are based in the Comox Valley. Please find him here on Instagram.