Ghost Mountain

Essential Oil Diffusors

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These magical handmade essential oil diffusors will keep moths and other curses away from your wool garments and yarn stash. Add a few drops of clove or lavender oil and tuck them into your drawer, basket, project bag or cupboard to deter moths. You can also apply your favourite oils for a pleasing affect.

These essential oil diffusors were handmade on Vancouver Island and feature a variety of magical and protective symbols and sigils drawing from a variety of cultures and themes, including but not limited to moons, elements, astrology, the the hand of Fatima, plants and swords. Currently we have the Plant Magick and Moon Phases in stock. 

You will have to re-apply the oils when you notice the scent fade in order for them to remain effective against moths. 

Size: Approximately 6 cm / 2.5" in diameter 

About This Maker: Ghost Mountain Co. is clay alchemy from the Pacific Northwest (Victoria BC on Vancouver Island to be exact). Drawing from witchcraft, folklore, and the inherent magic of the natural world, Ghost Mountain. Co ceramics bring a touch of the mystical into your home.

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