Eco-dye Silk Bags


It is no secret that I love my tarot card collection. When I discovered Cailtin fFrench of These Secrets producing eco-dyed silk tarot bags I wanted some for myself. They are stunning to say the least. Each unique and perfect to store your most precious keepsakes and magical tools. They don't just have to be for your tarot cards! Jewelry, love notes, small gifts, mementos, sacred objects and other delicate treasures would all be beautifully stored in these. 

For makers who appreciate unique, natural-dyed artisan made textiles. These silk bags are eco-dyed and handmade in BC using wild foraged plant materials. Each one is unique and sewn together in an organic fashion. Made to house your most treasured items. 

Please note, each bag is unique and you may receive one that varies from the photos shown. 

Approximate size of each bag (with variation) 20 cm x 16 cm 

Care Instructions: Hand wash & cold water. Hang to dry.

About the Maker: Caitlin Ffrench is a fibre sorceress, with weaving, knitting, dyeing,  and wildcrafting a few of her many talents. She lives in the Lower Mainland. Find her on Instagram