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Please join us for the 2nd Annual September Stash-Bust KAL

September Stash Bust KAL


Please join us for the second annual September Stash Bust Knit-a-long, hosted by Nat Raedwulf of Wolf & Faun Knits. Last year was amazing, we had hundreds of people from all over the world share in the fun. 

Ever feel like it's about time you go on a yarn diet and use up what you've got? Or maybe you have some treasured prized skeins that you love but were never sure what to do with it? Or maybe you have some WIPs that have been in hibernation you’d love to finish up? Well this KAL is for you (and all of your friends)!


Join us for the September Stash Bust KAL #SSBKAL, hosted on both The Knitting Studio FB group and on Instagram.
September 1st, 2018 - Sept 30th, 2018

 The purpose of this KAL is to inspire, and motivate each other to use up our unused stashes in the spirit of Slow Fashion, Resourcefulness, Simplifying, Reducing, De-Cluttering while also sharing and connecting to the GLOBAL Fibre Arts Community. The second purpose of this KAL is to celebrate our talent, inspire each other and promote our favourite fibre artists. Please SHARE and give credit to all of those wonderful fibre artists out there who helped you build such a lovely stash and those talented knit designers out there who help us transform those skeins in beautiful finished pieces.

Here's How It Works aka the Rules

  1. Sign Up for the KAL. We use a sign-up to keep track of participants for prizes at the end. We will not share your information with anyone else or for any purposes beyond the KAL. Link to sign up is here:
  2. Dive into your stash and challenge yourself to use what you've got! Your project MUST be at least 50% compiled of yarn you owned BEFORE Sept. 1st. Use the hashtag #SSBKAL to show off and connect with others doing the KAL alongside you! (hint: check out what other amazing people are up to by checking out the #SSBKAL feed).
  3. Make as many projects as you want! There is no limit. Celebrate your stash-busting success and use the hashtag #SSBKAL to show off (and inspire others!) with what you've done with your stash.
  4. Help each other out! Know you want to use a special skein but need inspiration about what to do with it? Ask for pattern suggestions! Need help with colour combos? Post a photo and let our amazing community of knitters help you out.
  5. Prizes will be awarded after the end of the KAL (Sept. 30th), with prizes being awarded for Participation, Finished Objects and Helpfulness. Prizes will be randomly selected and verified. The Prize for Helpfulness will be awarded to those who are nominated by other participants (please private message me anyone whom you feel deserves to be nominated).
  6. You are more than welcome to purchase new yarn during the challenge or work on projects using new yarn. This challenge is NOT about discouraging you from supporting all of the amazing dyers and yarn suppliers out there or refraining from visiting your favourite LYS or Fibre Fest. Please by all means support and enjoy these amazing businesses during this challenge. It's not about refraining from but rather celebrating and utilizing what you have! You only need to be working on and/ or completing projects that use your current stash.

This is all about having fun, challenging yourself while going at your own pace and making some positive connections and contributions to the Fibre Arts Community.

I know I already have some stash waiting for this Knit Along to begin... do you?

It's just under two weeks away so start planning, dive into your stash and get ready for Sept. 1st, #SSBKAL 


Wolf & Faun Knits

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  • Leslie Buckley on

    Hello, I am a bit late to the party, but excited to join.
    Just wondering do WIP’s count?

  • Nat on

    John, yes please do!

  • John Johnson on

    I don’t knit, may I still play as a weaver?

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